Cuff or Curve

Scout for people in your local area or choose your mile radius to find your potential Cuff and have them added to your draft picks.


Your Matches

Review your selection of Draft Picks and add a few lucky ones to your next round of Tryouts to take things a step further.


Drag & Drop to Chat

Time to walk it like you talk it and make that move! Shoot your shot with users who have made it to your Tryouts and start cuffing.

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Frequently Asked Question

Take a look at some of our most Frequently asked questions listed below.

How do you use the Scouting feature?
  1. Swipe Right or Tap to like profile. Swipe Left or Tap to dislike profile.
  2. Tap Scout Report once to hide details and tap arrow once to re-reveal.
  3. Tap Profile photo once to view full Profile.
  4. Tap filter button to adjust search settings by location, age and preference.
How do you use the Drafting feature?
  1. Your mutual matches will appear here.
  2. Tap to send your match to Tryouts where you can start a chat.
  3. Tap to permanently remove your match from your Draft Picks.
How do you use the Tryouts feature?
  1. Drag & Drop a ball to one of your matches to chat.
  2. To remove a user from your Tryouts simply tap on the user and select This will free-up your Tryout slots. You can always go back to re-add the user from your Drafting page.
  3. Tap to permanently remove your match from your Draft Picks.
How do you use the Cuffing feature?
  1. Here is where you can chat with your matches and keep up your with messages.
  2. Tap the star to the right of the user to add or remove from Starting Line Up

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